Breadman Rises to Challenge 

Manx Viking Wheelers John Sanderson rose to the occasion to win the 2017 Bikestyle Handicap Road Race Series. Thirteenth position in the final round was enough for him to retain his lead in the series from a late spurt from fast finishing Mark Horsthuis. Youngster Ben Christian’s late charge winning the peloton bunch gallop saw him jump up to the final podium position alongside “Captain America” Martin Hall tied on points in the series. Congratulations to John who has rode well all year and in true Wheelers tradition doesn’t let cycling stop him from having a few beers.

Final Series Positions

On the night the longmarkers rode really well to hold off the hard charging peloton by 20 seconds. Alec Kneen, Sally Walker, Owen Seal, Sean Christian & Juan Kneen all contested the sprint for top spot with Juan Kneen taking it from Sean Christian. Nathan Draper and Matt Draper chipped of the front of the peleton to take 6th & 7th position in the closing stages while Ben Christian took the bunch gallop from Max Walker & Mark Horsthuis.

Rd9 Race Results


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